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Load an itinerary from one of our partner travel experts or build one yourself. TripCaddie helps you organize all of the trip information without the email and text SPAM between your participants.

  • A private website to manage all of the group’s trip information in one place
  • Track all of your annual trips
  • Mobile Access
  • Great for Annual Buddy Trips
  • The Bigger the Group, the Better
  • It’s so easy, why do it any other way?

We’ve Covered Everything!

  • Email Invitations
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Pairings Manager
  • Expense Tracking
  • Photo and Video Sharing
  • Smack Talk
  • And More!

“Hey Golf Trip Captains, Commissioners and Trip Leaders! 


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Access Before, During, and After EVERY Trip!

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Planning our golf trip is a DREAM!  TripCaddie makes it so easy to organize all of the information for my buddies in one place.  I actually look forward to the golf trip now!

Aaron M. - Aventura, FL

I love everything about the golf trip except the planning part. Tracking down my buddies, sifting through long emails and texts, answering questions 2 and 3 times per player. There is no longer an excuse for my buddies not to know where to be and when… Thanks, TripCaddie!

Scott S. - Grand Rapids, MI


 A word from the

TripCaddie Commissioner!


Jon Morse, President / Founder  

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with organizing your buddy golf trip? You know, the hundreds of emails and texts back and forth with your group just to get the trip booked.  Then once you get there, you’re stuck playing 20 questions to get everyone to the course on time with the right pairings and game formats?

It’s Maddening!


Well, I’m here to tell you that the Golf Trip Manager at has everything you need to plan, organize and manage an awesome golf trip!  With just a few clicks, you will be on your way to building a detailed itinerary, setting your pairings, and sharing with your buddies for a golf trip of a lifetime!  It’s easy, it’s social, it’s private only to your group.

IMAGINE! All of your golf trip information in one location before, during and after your trip!

I hope you enjoy using the Golf Trip Manager!


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